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A good performance is not enough, Sancho's future remains uncertain after United's latest move

Erik Ten Hag is not tempted when a player does not perform as expected

By Harry Smith

Erik Ten Hag is not tempted when a player does not perform as expected
Erik Ten Hag is not tempted when a player does not perform as expected
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Manchester United have a clear idea of what they are looking for in the future, Erik Ten Hag would fit in with that idea and would be looking to get rid of players who are no longer part of the club's plans. 

At Old Trafford they are looking for a complete renewal of players, some of the players who are in the team or end contract soon or have not performed adequately, for that reason Ten Hag has already released a list of players with whom he does not count and plans to sell before they lose more value in the market or can become free agents. 

One of the surprises on that list is England's Jadon Sancho, the 23-year-old striker who arrived as one of the club's top prospects two seasons ago. The Red Devils believed Sancho was one of the answers to their problems, but since his arrival at the club, the player's performances have been far from what they had hoped for. 

United had hoped that Sancho would play at the high level he would have shown at Borussia Dortmund, with whom he was a reference and undisputed starter for the Bavarian club, who sold him for 87 million euros, a historic figure for both clubs, so given his high cost and low performance, Ten Hag would already begin to lose patience with the player and would seek to sell him before the end of the summer. 

Sancho's future with United

Ten Hag has given the English striker the opportunity during this preseason, the coach needs to know Sancho's performance to make a decision about his future, although in the match against Arsenal he scored a goal, apparently that would not be enough to keep the player, as United still has in mind to look for an alternative and try to sell the player who has not performed as it should, so Jadon Sancho could see his days numbered at Old Trafford.

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