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17 years ago, he was shining at Manchester United; today, he coaches a second-division team

This player is considered to be a legend at Manchester United

By Angus Barnes

This player is considered to be a legend at Manchester United
This player is considered to be a legend at Manchester United
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Manchester United has been a team where several stars have passed through over the years. Without a doubt, one of the things that stands out about Erik ten Hag's team is that they have continued to stay afloat despite the poor start to the campaign. Undoubtedly, it is something that many fans consider lucky, while others see it as the merits of the coach and his team.

Undoubtedly, the team after Sir Alex Ferguson has had a restructuring that has never formally begun. With several coaches coming through at United, it seems that the opportunities have been there but have not materialised. For this reason, great things are expected from the team with a long-term process that it seems that the Dutchman wants to apply in the team

However, many people, including some former footballers, have said that having a locker room full of stars is not the same as one full of pure young footballers. For this reason, many agree that this did not happen with Ten Hag at AJAX because they were all developing footballers. Despite this, it seems that discipline does exist at Carrington and is enforced every day.

On the other hand, United usually lives from past eras and many fans remember it fondly. Given this, one of the best players to have passed through the team and who remained active for several years was Wayne Rooney. The Englishman is now managing Birmingham in the English Championship, however, that's how Rooney played at the time

This is how Wayne Rooney played with United back in the good old days

Undoubtedly, Wayne Rooney is fondly remembered by Manchester United fans. By far, a legend who is still involved in the world of professional football, this time as a coach


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