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Wolves approach Manchester United with a goal full of referee controversy

Manchester United might need to focus more for the rest of the game.

By Angus Barnes

Casemiro foul
Casemiro foul
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The red devils need to get the win now that they are were up 2-0 and now that they are only 2-1, and with plenty of time left to change the game right now.

Manchester United is aware that a two goal lead might be enough to give them advantage for them to be able to win the game, but the referees decided to make a decision that changed the score board with a penalty that allow the Wolves to get closer and now the red devils are aware that they have to get some better results now.

Casemiro took a little touch to the rival that fall into th are of the red devils, and the fact is that despite that the VAR had some doubts to call the penalty they decided to give them the chance and now they were able to get close, in another call against the red devils that does not show that the referees are looking to bring the right decison for the team now.

Casemiro role

After the goal Casemiro was taken off the pitch, and the fact is that right now the brazilian midfielder need to show to the red devils fans and the INEOS office that he could be the right one now that there are hope to get him as the captain of the team for the next part of the season as well.

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