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Wayne Rooney admits he would betray Manchester United without thinking

Manchester United formre striker is desperate for a new job as a manager.

By Angus Barnes

Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney
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The red devils formre players are looking to have an important role in the world of football, but now Wayne Rooney could be open to betray the team right away.

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Manchester United former striker has not been able to really have an impact as a manager in the teams that have given him the chance, and the fact is that he is ready to take on a new job, but with his last results he could have a really hard time to do just that in the near future as he makes an admission to betray the team right away.

"If Pep Guardiola comes in and asks me to be his assistant, I'd walk there you see what Arteta is doing now and I strongly believe a lot of that is from learning what Guardiola was doing and so it depends on what the situation is." Rooney stated as he would accept almost any job with the Man City team if he is given the chance to work with them.

Wayne Rooney then added, "I’m right at the bottom from a managerial point of view, and I want to work my way up, I’m not relying on what I’ve done as a player to get me into places that I shouldn’t be." as he is now looking for another chance after his time with Birmingham City team was not good.

"I would 100% [take a job in League One]. I want to get back into managing and I want to prove myself. Whether that’s League Two, League One or Championship. It’s all experience." Rooney ended as he is definitely open to take any job that would give him more chances to become a manager as he is ready to betray the red devils without any hesitation for the city rivals.

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Wayne Rooney future

Most of the sources believe that it is going to be hard for Wayne Rooney to find a job as a manager but despite that the former striker is still looking for the team that would give him another chance to prove his worth as a manager.

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