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The millionaire amount that Man United has spent on injured players this season

Manchester United injuries has been a problem on and off the pitch.

By Angus Barnes

Erik ten Hag
Erik ten Hag
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The red devils have suffered a lot of important injuries in the current season, and the fact is that right now they might be looking to change that for the team.

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Manchester United main concern is the fact that right now the team is looking to go ahead and make some changes to the team, and the fact is that the injuries could be one of the main reasons why the team is now looking to make sure that they have enouhg players on the team that could actually go ahead and play on a game to game basis now.

One of the main concern for the team is the fact that the defenders of the team have been the ones that have been injured the most, with players like Varane, Maguire, Shaw and Martinez that all of them have been a part of the injured list at one point of the season and this is a real concern for the team going into the second part of the season.

This situation has also caused for the team to be unable to have a lot of consistency on the pitch, the fact is that there are players like Casemiro, Mason Mount or Erkisen that could be a part of the project but thanks to the injuries they have been unable to do that and this affects the team as well.

Now it has been confirmed that while paying the salaries of the players that have been injured in the current season, the red devils have spent a little over 25 million euros, that money has been used to pay their salary despite the fact that they have not been able to really be a part of the games of the red devils for a big part of the current season.

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It has been confirmed that one of the main reasons why the red devils players get injured so much is thanks to the fact that the manager demands a lot of work from them in the trainings and this affects their performance in the actual games.

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