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The Man United legend who is looking for a new job and could take Amad Diallo

By Angus Barnes

Amad Diallo

Manchester United legend is ready to take a new job as a manager.

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The red devils are now looking to make some changes to the team in the next part of the season, and now a former player is ready for this changes.

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Manchester United former players are looking to still be a part of the world of football, and the fact is that right now they are looking for jobs that could put them as the managers of some important teams, and the fact is that they are also looking to go ahead and have this important roles as they are also looking to help some players on the team right now.

“I would just like the opportunity to manage Sunderland. I’ve played for these clubs and it would be nice to go back to Sunderland or Birmingham but it doesn’t mean that I’d rule out managing another club in the EFL." Dwight Yorke said, and the fact is that right now he could be ready to become the manager of this team and he has Amad Diallo as a target now.

The Sunderland team said, "This has been a difficult few months for Michael, who leaves with our best wishes for the future. Our focus is now on the players and supporting Mike Dodds in the remaining games to ensure we achieve the highest possible league finish." for the team in the near future to sign Dwight Yorke this next months.

Now it has also been reported that the idea from the Sunderland team would be to go ahead and make sure that he could bring back to them Amad Diallo, he has on a loan deal on the past season and now it seems that the arrival of a former red devils as the manager he would be ready to make the deal once again for the team as well.

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Amad Diallo future

Amad Diallo is looking to make the deal away from the red devils, and in social media he has showed that he is open to make the move to the Sunderland team as he is now looking to get more minutes in the next few months now.

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