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Ten Hag is the reason why this Man United promise is looking to leave the team

Manchester United manager has not been able to give chances to the players.

By Angus Barnes

Erik ten Hag
Erik ten Hag
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The red devils are aware that it is a problem that the manager puts the same exact line up in every single game that he can do that right now.

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Manchester United office is aware that the red devils are looking to go ahead and get some better results in the next part of the seaso, and the fact is that right now they are also looking for players that could be key for the team on the starting line up and off the bench for the team, and now they could be looking to get the lose some players.

It has been confirmed that one of the main reasons why Jadon Sancho wanted to leave the team was due to the fact that players like Antony keep getting chances to be part of the starting line up despite the fact they are not able to perform, and this could now bring another player on the team that has played very little in the current season to leave the team.

Several sources close to the red devils have now confirmed that the player that is now asking to leave the team is Altay Bayindir, the back up keeper for the red devils is aware that the team is going to keep using Onana in most of the games and he is now looking for a chance to leave this situation.

Altay Bayindir came to the red devils with the idea that he was going to get little playing time, but the fact is that in the current season he only played one game while Onana was at the AFCON and since then he has not been given the chance to play in another game, and now he could be looking to leave the team in the summer transfer window now.

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Altay Bayindir offers

Now it has been confirmed that Altay Bayindir has received an offer that would send him to the Galatasaray team and he seems to be open and ready to put pressure on the red devils office to actually go ahead and accept the offer right this season.

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