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Surprises everyone, the true value of Gary Neville's net worth after Man United

Manchester United legendary defender has been able to create an important net worth.

By Angus Barnes

Gary Neville
Gary Neville
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Most of the players seek to rest for their lives once they retire, but the fact is that Gary Neville might not be part of those players with his current lifestyle.

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Manchester United former defender has been able to remain active as a pundit and with his participation on multiple podcasts, but the fact is that he was also part of the program called "Dragons Den" where he was able to surprise not only the viewers but also the Dragons that were not expecting for Neville to be really keen to make important business and that he would be so interested in the world.

Deborah Meaden said, “You’d think he had been a Dragon his entire life… He was fantastic, I’m not kidding you, and he’s prepared to invest.” and the fact is that now it has been confirmed that Gary Neville currently has a net worth of around 100 million euros, and he is keen to keep making some important business for the next part of his life now.

On top of that it has also been confirmed that Gary Neville is keen to build a 400 million euros development which would be located in Deansgate Road, in Manchester city centre, and this seems to be the dream of the former defender now that he is keen to bring a lot more investors to the project to help him develop that dream.

Last but not least it has also been reported that Gary Neville has invested a lot in restaurants and pubs, and while most of them are related to the world of football the fact is that the defender is ready to keep making some other investements to actually secure that he could have an important net worth for the next part of his career in the business world.

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Gary Neville team

But the fact is that now Gary Neville has been able to keep tabs on the Manchester United team, and this could be the main reason why he keeps updated on every single situation around the team and he might be ready to help the team.

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