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Sir Jim Ratcliffe wastes no time and preparing his first changes with Man United

Manchester United new owner is ready to make the right changes to the team.

By Angus Barnes

Sir Jim Ratcliffe
Sir Jim Ratcliffe
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The red devils are now keen on the idea to go ahead and make the changes that could allow the team to get some better results in the next seasons.

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Manchester United new office is keen on the idea to have an impact right away for the team, and the fact is that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has confirmed that he is ready to make this changes in the next part of the season, now that this would allow them to really get the best results that they can for the team and they would be ready to make that happen.

Now it has been confirmed that the Premier League has confirmed and accepted the offer from Sir Jim Ratcliffe to buy 25% of the red devils, and while there is still pending the approval of the FA, the fact is that right now it seems that the deal is completed and it is only a matter of hours for it to be completely official and the changes could start now.

One of the first changes that INEOS would like to do is to name a new sporting director for the team, this seems to be the first decision that would be made, now that this person would be working really close to Omar Berrada and they both have to take the decision on the future of Ten Hag as well.

On the other hand it has also been confirmed that one of the main changes for the red devils would be to go ahead and make the decision on Old Trafford, and the fact is that most of the sources do believe right now that the new office of the team would be leaning to build a new stadium now that this option seems to be the best one now.

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Old Trafford decision

Most of the sources believe that there would be a new stadium for the red devils now that in order to rebuild Old Trafford they would pay at least 800 million euros, and a new stadium would cost around 2 billion euros with help from the sponsors.

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