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Sir Jim Ratcliffe sees Old Trafford as a chance to improve Man United's profits

Manchester United stadium could really help the team to get better profits.

By Angus Barnes

Sir Jim Ratcliffe
Sir Jim Ratcliffe
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The red devils new office has a decision to make when it comes to Old Trafford, but there is a reason why this could be the ideal decision right away.

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Manchester United new office has to make sure that they make the right decision, and right now it seems that the two options are to build a new stadium for the team or to renew Old Trafford, and the fact is that right now they might be looking to go ahead and copy the success of Tottenham with their new stadium after falling in the list of profitable teams now.

United retain an ability to generate significant commercial returns. They still generate £100m-plus from Old Trafford." Tim Bridge, from Deloitte's said, now that they were the ones that released the list of teams that made the most profit, seeing the red devils drop from the 2nd place to the 5th, now that Old Trafford has been a weak point for the team due to the current state of the stadium.

Bridge added, “I believe if they had a genuine matchday offering that kept the fans in and around the stadium in the way you have at Tottenham, the results from a revenue perspective could be revolutionary and really outplay the rest of the competition.” and this could force for the new office to make a decisions in the next days.

The fact is that the state of Old Trafford has declined in a really important way and the Glazers were not looking to make any changes, but now that they have had a massive drop this could be the answer to get back into the second place of most profitable teams in the whole world, just behind Real Madrid that actually ended to renew their stadium to remain number one.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe decision

Most of the sources close to Sir Jim Ratcliffe have confirmed that the new owner of the red devils seems to be having a slight inclination to build a new stadium for the team, only waiting for the right investement for the team this next season.

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