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Sir Jim Ratcliffe confirms first action that would greatly benefit Man United

Manchester United new owner is really close to completing this move.

By Angus Barnes

Sir Jim Ratcliffe
Sir Jim Ratcliffe
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The red devils are now looking to go ahead and get some better results in the next part of the season, and the new owner is also ready for that.

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Manchester United new owner is keen on the idea to bring the red devils back to their former glory, and in order to do that he believe that there are several things that need to change, and now he could be looking to change the first thing that would allow the team to get some better results in the next part of the season to really help the team now.

One of the main concerns for Sir Jim Ratcliffe is the current state of both the training grounds of the red devils but the stadium as well, and while he is making sure that they make the right decision for the team, the fact is that right now they might be ready to close the first action to really help the team improve in both this departements for them now.

Now several sources have confirmed that the INEOS office have already agreed on the deal that would allow them to buy the golf club that would now be used to be the new training ground for the Manchester United team, and it seems that the intention would be to make it the best one in the whole world as well.

On top of that it has been confirmed that the building of this new training center would cost around 100 million euros, but that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has also been able to make sure that all of it is paid by sponsors that are asking to have the naming rights on the facilities, and that would allow for the team to not spend anything on them for the next seasons.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe idea

Last it has also been confirmed that Sir Jim Ratcliffe would be ready to allow the team to make sure that they get the best ideas from other training grounds, as once idea, the main idea would be to get the best one in the world.

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