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Robin Van Persie, the secret behind Rasmus Hojlund's improvement with Man United

Manchester United former striker has been key for the young player.

By Angus Barnes

Robin Van Persie and Rasmus Hojlund
Robin Van Persie and Rasmus Hojlund
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The red devils office is now convinced that they have to go ahead and secure that Van Persie stays with the team for the next seasons to really help them.

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Manchester United office is aware that the red devils have the need to go ahead and make some changes to the team, but the fact is that right now they could have some answers that could really go ahead and be key for the team to get the best results that they are looking for and this could start with the former striker that might stay with the team now.

It was confirmed that Robin Van Persie has been part of the trainings for the red devils for some weeks now, this was done by him because he needed to get some hours in at a trainings to get his UEFA Pro license, and the fact is that now he might have the chance to stay with the red devils and keep the work he has done so far now.

Now there are several sources that have confirmed that one of the main reasons why Rasmus Hojlund has been able to have an impact on the team and on top of that to have a better second half of the season, is thanks to Robin Van Persie and to the work they have done together in the trainings so far.

In fact there are several sources that have confirmed that there have been important talks between Van Persie and Hojlund at Carringhton and that his has been key for the young striker, and now the red devils office might be ready to offer the striker a new role with the team that would allow him to have a way bigger impact on the team for the next few seasons now.

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Robin Van Persie role

Most of the sources have also confirmed that INEOS office is now ready to offer Robin Van Persie the role as the striker manager for the team, and this would be done right away now that he has been able to show his work with Hojlund.

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