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Robin Van Persie could return to Mancheste United with this new role in the team

By Angus Barnes

Robin Van Persie could return to Mancheste United with this new role in the team

Manchester United new office are ready to offer Van Persie a new role.

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The red devils are looking to make sure that they get the best results, and the right staff would really help them to do just that in the next seasons.

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Manchester United new office is looking to go ahead and make several changes to the hierarchy of the team and this could also include the staff of the red devils, and the fact is that right now they might be looking to make some changes that would allow for some former players to go back to the team and they believe this could also change the culture of the team.

This past week it has been confirmed that Robin Van Persie is back at the trainings of the red devils and he needs to take some hours next to Ten Hag in order to get his UEFA Pro License, but the fact is that now his future might be back with the team now that they are ready to offer him a new role with the team as well now.

Several sources close to the red devils have confirmed that the INEOS office has been following the work of Van Persie and now they would considere offering him the job as the forward coach as soon as he gets his UEFA Pro License and he would be working directly with the current strikers of the team to improve with them.

One of the main reasons why the red devils are now looking to go ahead and make sure that they offer jobs to former players of the team is the fact that they believe that they are going to be able to get the winning culture back to the team and they would be ready to go ahead and get the best results they can for the team right now.

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Robin Van Persie job

Most of the sources do believe that Van Persie would like to be the head coach of a team, but the fact is that they also believe that he would be willing to take the job with the red devils now that he has been comfortable.

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