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Rio Ferdinand names his reasons for Man United paying for Dan Ashworth's arrival

Manchester United would have to pay an important amount for Ashworth.

By Angus Barnes

Rio Ferdinand and Dan Ashworth
Rio Ferdinand and Dan Ashworth
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The red devils are looking to make some changes to the team in the next part of the season and they seem ready to make this changes actually happen now.

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Manchester United new office is looking to go ahead and make some changes to the team, and the fact is that right now they could also be looking to make the right decisions when it comes to the future of the team, as they are also looking to make sure that they have the right chance and time to help the team for the next seasons ahead of them now.

“I think he’s the best. He’s so calm, he’s so sure in what he’s doing. He’s so focussed, diligent, he knows the market.” Rio Ferdinand started on the things that Ashworth could bring to the red devils, now that in the past years there has been a concern that every single transfer has come with a "Man United tax" that makes every player way more expensive just for the team.

Ferdinand also added, “Not swayed, I don’t think he gets bullied by agents and stuff like that. We should go back into the archives. I said that Man United should have got him time ago.” as now it has also been confirmed that the red devils would have to pay up to 20 million euros to secure his arrival now.

“If I had my choice to take a sporting director it would have been him, I spoke to him at Brighton. People at Newcastle asked me my opinion and I said, I’d go and get him and they went and got him.” Ferdinand ended, and this could be some of the reasons why the team and INEOS definitely has to go ahead and pay the amount that they are asking.

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Dan Ashworth concern

The fact is that if the red devils decided not to pay the 20 million euros for Ashworth, they would have to wait up to 15 months for his gardening leave to end and then he could start working with the team until that time as well.

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