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Rasmus Hojlund reacts to Manchester United's victory on his birthday

Manchester United young striker was key for the win against West Ham.

By Angus Barnes

Rasmus Hojlund
Rasmus Hojlund
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The red devils are looking to get some better results in the next part of the season, and the fact is that they could be looking to do just that.

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Manchester United was able to get a really important win against the West Ham team, and the fact is that one of the most important things was the fact that the red devils were able to keep a clean sheet and the goals came from the young players that are definitely key for the team in the current season but in the future as well to get better results now.

"It was very good, it is always special to play on your birthday." Rasmus Hojlund said, and the fact is that the young striker has been able to have an impact on the score of the last four games for the red devils and that shows his true value to the team and what he could bring to the table for the next few seasons with the team as well.

“He gets angry and mad when he doesn’t score. But he has the resilience and calmness to perform under that stress. He hasn’t had any moment when he wanted to give up. I’m happy that he is scoring and now on very good levels.” Ten Hag said in the press conference before the game started on Hojlund and his role.

Ten Hag added, “He is a great character. Always keeps going and wanting to improve. You see now how the team is better and more stable. We now serve the front line better and he starts scoring.“ and the fact is that now the young striker has been able to show why the hierarchy of the team decided to trust him as the only striker for the rest of the season.

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Rasmus Hojlund role

And now with this kind of results it has been confirmed that Rasmus Hojlund might be looking to show a little bit more impact with the team and this could also help them to get better results in the next months for the team as well.

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