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Old Trafford in trouble, situation forces Sir Jim Ratcliffe to make decisions

Manchester United stadium might have to close in the next few weeks.

By Angus Barnes

Sir JIm Ratcliffe
Sir JIm Ratcliffe
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The red devils new owner might have to make some decisions before the stadium is forced to close thanks to this situation that could affect them in the near future.

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Manchester United new owner is still looking into the idea to rebuild Old Trafford or to build a new stadium, but the fact is that while they decide they might have to make some important decisions, because right now they might be at risk to go ahead and have to close for some time if they are not able to change this situation for the team this next few months.

One of the main concerns for the red devils is the fact that back in November of 2023 they had an event at Old Trafford, but the back is that the food that was served included a total of 225 raw pieces of chicken out of a total of 300 pieces, and this could be a health wazard that if it is not changes might force them to close some time.

Several sources have confirmed that right now the team has decided to go ahead and look for a food safety officer that could help them change just that in the next part of the season, and this could be one of the main reasons why they might be looking to change things for the team right away.

"Your role goes beyond routine tasks, you will be a crucial player in ensuring the safety and excellence of our culinary offerings during high profile conference events and lively match day business." says the job ad, and this could really affect the team if they are not able to change that in the next few months when the health inspector goes back to make sure that things have actually changed now.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe decision

This situation could force Sir JIm Ratcliffe to make a decision that could change the future of Old Trafford, now that most sources close to him believe that right now building a new stadium might be the best solution for the team and for the future now.

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