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Manchester United would have a plan that would achieve the signing of Kylian Mbappé

Manchester United could still be in the race to sign the french striker.

By Angus Barnes

Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé
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The red devils are now looking to make some changes to the team, and the fact is that they could start with the arrival of the french striker to the team.

Manchester United team main concern is the fact that the red devils seems to be looking for a leader on the team, and now it seems that the french striker could be the perfect answer for them, now that they are also looking to activate a plan that would allow for the deal to happen in the next part of the season and surprise the world now.

One of the most wanted players right now on the world is Kylian Mbappé, and now that it seems that the french striker might not be making the move to Real Madrid, several sources believe that his main option would be a team in the Premier League, and the red devils seem to be ready to activate a plan to bring him to Old Trafford this next season.

Most of the sources have confirmed that the plan from the red devils would include to offer him a salary close to 65 million euros per year, this could be one of the best offers that Kylian Mbappé could receive to make the move, and the fact is that now it seems that they would also offer him a signing bonus to arrive now.

It has been confirmed that on top of the great salary the red devils seems to be ready to offer Kylian Mbappé a signing bonus close to 50 million euros, this would be thanks to the fact that the french striker might be able to make the move for free, and that would allow them to secure him that signing bonus in the next few months.

Kylian Mbappé offers

It has been confirmed that Kylian Mbappé would have offers from Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United to make the deal happen to the Premier League, and sources close to him have reasons to believe that this would be the ideal league for the striker to continue his career this next seasons.

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