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Manchester United offer Gary Neville a job and they already know the answer

Manchester United new office is keen to bring former red devils to the team.

By Angus Barnes

Gary Neville
Gary Neville
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The red devils new office is ready to make some changes that would really help the team, but they are ready to bring some former players to the hierarchy now.

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Manchester United new office is ready to make several changes to the team in the next part of the season, but the fact is that right now they are also looking to change the culture inside the team, and that could be one of the main reasons why they are looking to change the whole hierarchy and this would really help them to get some better results in every area.

One of the main goals for Sir Jim Ratcliffe and the INEOS team could be that the red devils are now looking to go ahead and bring several former red devils players that have been key to the team in the past, and this could allow them to bring that culture to the team that brought so many trophies in the past, and they can start with Gary Neville now.

Several sources have been able to confirm that the red devils have now offered Gary Neville to join a special committe that will oversee the regeneration of Old Trafford and the surroinding area, now that the former captain of the team has had a lot of experience in the real state market and he could help the team make decisions.

But on the other hand it has been confirmed that Gary Neville has no interest in any job or role that would make conflicts with his job at Sky Sports, but the fact is that he is also willing to give his time to the red devils and he is open to join the committe to help the team as long as he could do his normal job as well.

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Gary Neville role

Gary Neville seems to be pointed as the person that could make the decisions on whether to renew Old Trafford or build a new stadium, but as a player that has invested in real state and has some projects going he could really help the team now.

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