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Man United receives excellent news with Ten Hag dream signing worth 90 million

Manchester United manager is ready to make his dream come true.

By Angus Barnes

Erik ten Hag
Erik ten Hag
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The red devils new office might be looking to finally go ahead and make sure that the manager finally completes this new signing for the team in the near future.

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Manchester United office is aware that the red devils are now looking into the idea to make some changes to the team, and the fact is that this seems to include the arrival of some important new players that could definitely have an impact on the team for the next few seasons and that could really help the current project of the team to get some better results as well.

One of the main concerns for the red devils is the fact that Ten Hag is not keen on the idea to go ahead and give up the power to make the transfers for the red devils, and the fact is that right now he could be looking to use that power to complete one of the most important signings that he has dreamt of since he arrived last season.

It is a very known fact that one of the players that Ten Hag believes that could be perfect for the current project of the red devils is Frenkie de Jong, but the fact is that right now he could be looking to make sure that he arrives to the team in the next part of the season as well.

Several sources have now confirmed that Frenkie de Jong is keen on the idea to leave the Barcelona team, but on top of that it has now been confirmed that the midfielder puts a move to the red devils above any other team that would offer him a transfer, and this would really allow the team to complete the move in the next part of the season to secure him.

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Frenkie de Jong value

The spanish team is looking to heal their finances and the fact is that right now for Frenkie de Jong they would be looking to get close to 80 or 90 million euros, but the red devils seem keen on the idea to actually sign him.

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