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Mainoo is showered with praise after saving Man United's victory against Wolves

Manchester United young midfielder, Mainoo, was key for the victory.

By Angus Barnes

Kobbie Mainoo
Kobbie Mainoo
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The red devils are aware that they have a really special talent in Mainoo, and now he has been able to show that he could be key for the team.

Kobbie Mainoo becomes Manchester United hero with last-minute goal

Manchester United team was able to get away with a very dramatic win, and the fact is that right now they might be looking to go ahead and make sure that they could actually get the right results, but the fact is that right now the young players could be key for the team in the next part of the season to reach the first four spots in the Premier League.

"He is a big talent. I have seen him play for the under-18s and I said a couple of years ago the name of Kobbie without knowing if he would come and play for the first team." Bruno Fernandes said on the young midfielder that was able to score the last goal of the game to get the win and help the team with that results for them now.

Karen Carney said, “He reminds me of Jude Bellingham, the way he plays, the way he carries himself and the goal he scored, the way he celebrated as well - it’s almost what Bellingham does I think.” showing the value and the future that the red devils midfielder could have on the team for the next part of the season.

"What he has done is great. He is a calm person. He seems to be improving from match to match and I will push him and support him to continue, but it has to come on his own. He has fantastic abilities. He can become a great player." Ten Hag said, and that shows the role that he could have for the team in the next part of the season.

Erik ten Hag knows what is at stake in the Manchester United vs Wolves match

Kobbie Mainoo role

Now it has been confirmed that Ten Hag sees Kobbie Mainoo as a really important key for the midfield of the team and he could also be ready to go ahead and put him much more time on the field in the next games of the team.

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