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It's not Tuchel, Man United already knows who Ten Hag's replacement would be

Manchester United has made a list of managers to replace Ten Hag if needed.

By Angus Barnes

Erik ten Hag and Thomas Tuchel
Erik ten Hag and Thomas Tuchel
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The red devils are now looking to get the best results that they can and this would really boost their chances for the next season to start the new project.

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Manchester United new office is now looking to go ahead and make the right changes to the team in the next months, but they also need to get the right results right away. INEOS office seems to be ready to make the changes that would allow them to start their new project, and this could even include the manager that could still change in the next few months as well.

One of the managers that is looking to make the move for the red devils would be Thomas Tuchel, as he is ready to make it back to the Premier League in the next season to continue his career. INEOS office do believe that he could be part of the team and of the new project, but they have added a new name to the managers list for the team.

Several sources have been able to confirm that the main option for the red devils would be to go ahead and try to sign Julian Nagelsmann, as he could be ready for the team. He is currently the manager of the Germany National team, but some sources close to him have confirmed that he would be open to move now.

Julian Nagelsmann is pointed as one of the main options for the INEOS office, and the fact is that they are ready to send him an offer as they would like to secure him before the summer transfer window opens. The main idea would be to get a manager that is ready to help the team, and most importantly, to work with the office and respect most of the decisions.

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Erik ten Hag future

Erik ten Hag could still save his future as the manager of the red devils, but sources close to the office have confirmed that even if he reaches the top four spots in the Premier League table, this does not secure his future as the manager.

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