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Hojlund's reaction after scoring two goals and setting a record with Man United

Manchester United young striker is aware of his role with the team.

By Angus Barnes

Rasmus Hojlund
Rasmus Hojlund
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The red devils are now looking to go ahead and get some better results and the young striker could be key for the team to do just that this season.

Hojlund scores his second goal and has a second record for Manchester United

Manchester United young striker was able to score two goals in the game against Luton Town, and now he has become the youngest player in the Premier League history to go ahead and score in six consecutive games, and the fact is that right now he could be ready to assume his role with the team for the next part of the season as he gets better performances right now.

“A good beginning. Two good & fast goals, then we drop off a little bit. We get unfocused, they get one back. We know 2-1 is a dangerous result. We created a lot of chances in the second half, we just needed to score one of them - little bit annoyed by that.” Hojlund started now that he has been key for the great last results for the team now.

Hojlund then added, "I play for probably the biggest club in the world, so obviously there are quality players alongside me. I enjoy playing with them." as he also believes that his team mates around him have also been key for the striker to get the current results in front of the goal with the team this second half now.

“I never doubted myself. Of course you can be a little bit down when you’re not scoring in the Premier League especially when you’re that young and the expectation is that high. But I always believed in myself." Hojlund ended, and the fact is that right now the young striker understands that he is ready to be the striker that the team paid 80 million euros for the last summer.

While André Onana allows another goal, Man United have a problem with the keeper

Rasmus Hojlund future

This kind of results are the same reason why the red devils decided not to sign a striker and the fact is that Rasmus Hojlund could be key for the team to show that they could reach the top position in the Premier Legue in the end.

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