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He was Ferguson's favorite, Rio Ferdinand reveals about Manchester Utd legend

This Manchester United legend managed to escape the wrath of Sir Alex Ferguson

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

Rio's reveal about the relationship between Sir Alex and this legend
Rio's reveal about the relationship between Sir Alex and this legend
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Manchester United has been home to so many greats as the club have one of the richest histories in the sport when it comes to talented players. From the Busby Babes to the trinity of Charlton, Law, and Best, and to the class of 92 and beyond. Some stars have come through the academy, which makes their success even better. There are also some players that the club bought through the market that have left their stamp on the club.

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A manager that oversaw the success of a lot of these players is Sir Alex Ferguson. For 20 years after the Premier League era began, the quality of players that the club put on display was otherworldly. A huge reason for that is the class of 92 and the four players that defined the class. Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, and Gary Neville.

For Ryan Giggs, he is the most accomplished player in the history of the Premier League with 13 Premier Leagues, and various other records. He was the ultimate weapon for Ferguson as he evolved his style throughout the twenty years. Gary Neville was the ultimate measure of consistent. He wasn’t the perfect fullback, but he gave the manager over 10 years of consistent fullback play, and he formed one of the best fullback winger tandems with David Beckham.

The last two of Beckham and Scholes could not be more opposites when it came to expression. Beckham became a global superstar at United, and his personality was much more outspoken than Scholes’. His game was louder, he had the highlight free kicks, the fashion, and aura. As for Scholes, he was silent and that’s what made him more deadly than anyone else. He had the highlight goals, but the rest of his game was quiet and effective. He made United tick.

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Rio Ferdinand reveals what Sir Alex never did

Sir Alex Ferguson was an aggressive manager when mad, but according to Rio Ferdinand, the one player that never felt his wrath was Scholes. Ferdinand said, ““Scholesy. I have seen him get red cards for stupid tackles, it was like the manager didn’t see that. ‘Oh what’s happened? Scholesy has been sent off. I’ll look at the replay later guys.”

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