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He is now key for Man United, Cristiano Ronaldo was the reason for his arrival

Manchester United portuguese striker made the right call with this player.

By Angus Barnes

Crsitiano Ronaldo
Crsitiano Ronaldo
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The red devils are now looking to make sure that the team secures the players that could be key for the next seasons to get some better results right away.

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Manchester United manager, Ten Hag, is known to make sure that the players that show their work in the trainings are the ones that get to be a part of the starting line up in the next game of the season, and the fact is that now one of the players that are key for the red devils has his role with the team thanks to Ronaldo and his arguments.

"I remember speaking to Cristiano going, 'Is he really going to be any good?' And Cristiano said, 'Rio, he works, he'll work hard, he'll make himself better, 100 per cent he'll improve.'" Ferdinand said on Diogo Dalot, and the fact is that right now he could be one of the best defenders for the team that has been able to win the fight to be the starting player this season.

Ferdinand added, "I said, 'He's really impressed me,' and he was saying, 'Listen, he's a worker, he's going to make himself the player he needs to be.' I still think defensively he probably needs to work a little bit but yesterday defensively I thought he was very good." and Dalot could be key for the team in the near future.

"With the ball, that cross, if we have players running onto them crosses, then the forwards are going to make runs and they'll get more goals." Ferdinand ended, and the fact is tha right now the red devils have been able to show that they are able to reward the players like Dalot that really put in the work off and on the pitch and is now key for them.

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Dalot future

In fact now it has also been confirmed that the future of Diogo Dalot is with the red devils and the fact is that right now they are also looking to make sure that they do have the chance to get the right results out of him now.

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