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Gary Neville considers this Man United signing for 70 million euros as a big mistake

Manchester United mistakes could be seen on this 70 million euros player.

By Angus Barnes

Gary Neville
Gary Neville
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The red devils new office is looking to change the way that the team actually makes signings, now that they have made some costly mistakes in the past now.

Manchester United team is actually concerned about some of the signings that have been done in the past, and the fact is that now the team is looking to go ahead and change to avoid this kind of mistakes that only cost money to the team and does not allow them to get the results they want on the pitch with the players that do arrive to the team now.

"Coming in from an owner’s perspective, you employ a head of recruitment who you think is the best guy out there at spotting players and spotting talent that will bring value to your club" Neville said, and the fact is that the new office of the team could be looking to change that in the first few months when the take over deal is accepted by the Premier League.

Neville added, "You’ve got a sporting director who will equally be thinking the same way – their loyalty is to the club but also a loyalty to make sure we win games, so we’re aligned." and several sources believe that Sir Jim Ratcliffe already has an sporting director to arrive to the team in the next few weeks as well now.

"Casemiro is a perfect example of a short-term signing that is going to cost in the long term, that signing never should have gone through a good sporting director, a good owner, a good head of recruitment. That signing should have never gone through that signing, in my opinion. It should have been a veto, bang, gone." Neville ended on the brazilian midfielder deal that was done in the past seasons.

Casemiro future

Sources have confirmed several times now that Casemiro also regrets the move to the red devils, and that right now he is actually looking to leave the team in the summer transfer window, and the red devils still expect to get at least 40 million euros for him.

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