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Garnacho continues to surprise Man United and now receives multiple praise

Manchester United young winger has been key for the team.

By Angus Barnes

Alejandro Garnacho
Alejandro Garnacho
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The red devils are now looking to get the same results that they have been able to get in the second half of the season so far to help them.

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Manchester United new office is looking to go ahead and get some better results in the second half of the season, and the fact is that right now they are looking to make sure that they actually have the chance for important players to show their standards and to be able to have an important impact for the team in most of the games like they have done this weeks.

"We want to make each other better. We want to score. I'm in good form at the moment, but the other two guys are incredible too. I hope we score again more." Hojlund started on Garnacho and Rashford, but the fact is that the young winger has been key for the team and he has been able to have an impact in almost every game of the last few weeks.

“I think quick up and, as you say, we had good chances with Alejandro Garnacho and Marcus Rashford, it could have been three or four-nil." Ten Hag said and the fact is that right now the wingers have been able to help the striker but also to create chances for themselves to score and this could really help the team.

Ten Hag then added, "After that we lose some focus and we are not so strict in what we should do and they came more in the game. We dropped too deep and allowed them too many passes.” as the team still needs to improve but the performances from Garnacho have been able to really help the team to get the right results in the second half of the season.

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Alejandro Garnacho role

And the fact is that right now Alejandro Garnacho is really happy with his role for the red devils and now he could be looking to make sure that the team allows him to still get the playing time that he is looking for in the season.

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