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Ferdinand has tasks for Jean-Claude Blanc with his possible Man United arrival

Manchester United new office is ready to bring new members to the team.

By Angus Barnes

Rio Ferdinand and Jean-Claude Blanc
Rio Ferdinand and Jean-Claude Blanc
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The red devils are now looking to get some better results in the next part of the season and they could be looking to make some changes to achieve just that.

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Manchester United is making sure that they are making some changes that could actually help the team in the next part of the season, and the fact is that right now they might be looking to force the team to look to sign Jean-Claude Blanc, and the fact is that this could really help the team to make several changes in the next part of the season as well.

"Who goes out and buys a Man United sweater or t-shirt? They do a few of them but it ain’t something where you go: ‘I am queuing round the block to go and get that,’ you know what I mean. It is just another way to break another [market]. Man United have never tapped into that." Ferdinand started on one of the main problems for the red devils right now.

Ferdinand added, "Why are you [United] not first movers? They are scared to be first movers. They want to see how that space moves a little bit and then we might dip our toe in it and see how it does but when United now put their toe in it, the ripples are different to what everyone else thinks." now.

"I think Manchester United commercially [will improve] with these guys because Jean-Claude was the guy who managed to get the new stadium for Juventus, he oversaw the Jordan stuff at PSG so this guy knows how to fast-forward a club into the new age and Man United need to do that because we should be at the top." Ferdinand ended on the changes he wishes to see on the team.

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Jean-Claude Blanc arrival

Most of the sources do believe that right now Jean-Claude Blanc is the new main target for the INEOS office and they are ready to push really hard to actually make it happen and secure his arrival in the next part of the season for the team.

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