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Eriksen and Bayindir have the same plan for their future with Manchester United

By Angus Barnes

Christian Eriksen and Altay Bayindir

Manchester United could have some problems to keep certain players.

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The red devils are now looking to make some changes to the team, and this could include that the team is ready to change their situation for the team now.

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Manchester United office is ready to go ahead and boost their chances for the next seasons as they are also looking to go ahead and change some of the players on the team, but the fact is that right now they would have to make sure of the players that would be looking to leave the team or the ones that are going to stay in the near future now.

Christian Eriksen is now looking to go ahead and leave the team in the next part of the season as he lacks minutes of playing time with the red devils and that has been a concern for the midfielder that has now received the offers from Galatasary and from Ajax to make the move and he is ready to go ahead and accept one of those offers right away now.

The main concern comes with Altay Bayindir, the back up keeper for the red devils is also looking to get more playing time now that he is a 25 year old keeper, and the fact is that he is aware that this would be complicated now that Ten Hag was shown that everytime that Onana is available he will play.

Altay Bayindir is aware of this situation and the fact is that right now he could be looking to go ahead and leave the team in the next part of the season, as there are some reports from Turkey that he has already signed a deal that would take him to the Galatasaray team as soon as the summer transfer window starts as he looks for more playing time now.

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Altay Bayindir role

Altay Bayindir was aware that he was the back up keeper, but the fact is that he also had the idea that in some of the games he would get a chance, but so far in the season he only played one game in all the competitions.

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