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Dan Ashworth poses a dilemma for Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Manchester United

By Angus Barnes

Dan Ashworth and Sir Jim Ratcliffe

Manchester United needs to make a decision that could cost them millions.

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The red devils new office seems to be keen to bring the right changes to the team but it might be much more complicated than expected in the next weeks.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe knows the value he would have to pay for Man United big target

Manchester United new office and new owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, are keen to make sure that they change almost every role in the hierarchy of the red devils, and the fact is that right now they are looking to go ahead and make sure that they actually get the right results that could really help the team in the second part of the season to really boost their chances now.

One of the main concerns for the red devils is that they are looking for a new sporting director, and the fact is that it seems that they are lock in the idea that Dan Ashworth is the right man for the job, but the fact is that his arrival to the team could be much more complicated than it was expected and this could change his future as well.

Several sources have been able to confirm that right now the Newcastle office is really angry at the fact that Dan Ashworth wants to leave the team, and the fact is that right now they are looking to go ahead and make sure that they either get an important amount or that he does not work for the team now.

If the red devils want to see Dan Ashworth take over his role as soon as possible, they would have to pay 20 million euros to the Newcastle team that has now placed him on a gardening leave, but if they would like to wait right now they are looking for at least 15 months that they have to sign him but not been able to use him that time.

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Dan Ashworth future

Most of the sources seem to believe that the red devils are now looking to wait for Dan Ashworth for those 15 months, now that they believe that the 20 million euros amount is a really excessive amount to pay in the next few months for him.

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