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Dalot has a message for Manchester United fans after the team's latest victory

Manchester United defense points out to the fans with his message.

By Angus Barnes

Diogo Dalot
Diogo Dalot
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The red devils are now looking to get some better results in the next part of the season and this could really help the team to get closer right now.

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Manchester United office is aware that the team has had a really great start for the second half of the season and the fact is that right now they are also looking to go ahead and make sure that they do get the best results that they can, but the fact is that right now they are also looking to show the value of the fans that suppor them now.

"An important win for us to keep this good momentum. I think the fans were buzzing at the end, and we're just so happy we can give them that joy as well because they deserve it." Dalot said and the fact is that right now the red devils might be looking to get some better results and take advantage of the home games for this second half of the season.

Dalot added, "What we take from this game is us all together with the fans celebrating at the end. I think this shows the club are together." now that the fans have also shown that they are ready to support the team even if they do not get the results that they are hopong for in some of the games.

"We had a really good week of work altogether. We knew that even if we concede goals, we just have to keep our heads clean and keep compact on the ball, and I think we did, and that led us to the [winning] goal." as this shows that the red devils are actually keen on the idea to keep getting great results to support their intentions for the team now.

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Dalot role

One of the players that are key for the red devils are Diogo Dalot, now that he has been a really solid defense for the team and he has also secure the fact that he could be the starting right back for the team in the next seasons.

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