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Casemiro proves his worth and Sir Jim Ratcliffe considers a drastic change

Manchester United new owner might be ready to reconsidere his decision.

By Angus Barnes

Casemiro and Sir Jim Ratcliffe
Casemiro and Sir Jim Ratcliffe
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The red devils new office is looking to make some changes to the team, and this could start with some players that might be getting a new role as well.

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Manchester United new office is aware that right now the red devils have the need to go ahead and make sure that they make enough changes in the next part of the season, and right now they might be looking to make sure that they analyze every single player before actually making a decision that could affect the future of the team and of course the player's career as well.

On top of that it has also been confirmed that the red devils new owner is aware that he needs to go ahead and sell several players in the current squad if they actually want to go ahead and bring some new players in the summer transfer window, and right now he might have made a new decision when it comes to the brazilian midfielder for the team right now.

Casemiro was one of the players that was actually set to leave the team in the next part of the season, and the fact is that until right now it has been considered that Sir Jim Ratcliffe was more than ready to go ahead and actually sell him in the next part of the season, but that situation might change.

There are several sources that now confirm that after the FA Cup game against Newport County, the INEOS office was able to fully contemplate what Casemiro actually brings to the team as one of the leaders of the team, and now it has been confirmed that they would be looking to keep him and that they might even look to give him the chance to be the captain as well.

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Casemiro offers

Most of the sources believed that an offer for 60 million euros would have send Casemiro to the Al Nassr team, but now it seems that the team is actually ready to go ahead and keep giving him chances to show his worth on and off the pitch.

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