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Casemiro defines Man United role that could ensure his future with the team

Manchester United midfielder might be looking to show his true value to the team.

By Angus Barnes

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The red devils are now looking to go ahead and get some better results in the next part of the season, and the midfielder wants to be part of this.

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Manchester United new office is now aware that the red devils have some leaders of the team, and this seems to be the main reason why the team is now looking to go ahead and make some changes to the team but that they would be looking to analize the role of some of the players and this could allow them to stay with the team in the near future.

"Man United is without doubt a big club. It’s not in the best place at this moment in time compared with other clubs like Manchester City or Liverpool. However, Manchester United will always be the biggest club in England because of its history, magnitude, and titles.” Casemiro started on the team but the midfielder has also confirmed that he believes in the new project of the team for the future.

Casemiro added, “So, it was always my challenge to help my team-mates and Man United keep growing and of course, as we all want, return the club to being the best in the world.” now it has also been confirmed that the INEOS office saw the true value of the midfielder and they have decided to give him more time.

"He’s already introduced himself to us. With his experience he’ll return Man United to the highest possible level. We are very hungry to learn, grow and take the club to the highest place.” and the fact is that right now he might not only be looking to stay with the team but also to have the same important role with the team in the next part of the season.

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Casemiro role

Now there are some sources close to INEOS that have confirmed that there is some internal talk to give Casemiro the chance to become the midifelder of the team, and this could really help the team to show his true value in the next part of the season now.

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