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After many great saves from Onana, Aston Villa manages to tie Man United

Manchester United keeper was not able to keep the clean sheet despite his great game.

By Angus Barnes

André Onana
André Onana
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The red devils are now tied with the Aston Villa team, and the fact is that right now they are also looking to get some better results in the season.

Manchester United team is aware that this game could define the rest of the season, and that is why it is so important that they are able to get the win, but the fact is that despite a great game from Onana the team allows the Aston Villa team to score the tie and now they have to change that in the next minutes of the game.

One of the main concerns for the red devils fans is the fact that the team has not been so good in this second half of the game, and right now they have to change that to make sure that they get the results that they are looking for in the next game and really boost their chances now.

André Onana game

André Onana was one of the best players on the pitch and he even had the chance to save the previous play before the goal, but the fact is that with many tries from the opposing team they were able to score now.

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