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Worst news for Cristiano Ronaldo as he will play less than when he was a youngster

The other strikers keep scoring goals, while he sits on the bench

By Harry Smith

The other strikers keep scoring goals, while he sits on the bench
The other strikers keep scoring goals, while he sits on the bench
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Just when Cristiano Ronaldo thought things couldn’t get any worse at Manchester United, he just witness something that will make him play less than when he was just starting his career. While the Portuguese striker was sitting on the bench watching the game against Arsenal, he couldn’t believe what his eyes had just witnessed.

Manchester United’s brand new signing, Antony, started the game ahead of him and scored one goal against the Gunners in his debut with the Red Devils at Old Trafford. But not only that, but Marcus Rashford also scored a brace that got the team the win, sending Ronaldo’s hopes of being a starter down the drain.

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The legendary 37-year-old striker was already having a complicated start to the season as he has only started one game and has been benched in five matches. Erik ten Hag is angry at him for not being part of the pre-season tour due to him spending the entire summer looking for a potential club that he could sign with.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t find a single club interested enough to make an offer to Manchester United for his transfer. After the transfer window finally came to a close, Ronaldo will now stay at Manchester United and, whether he likes it or not, he isn’t the manager’s first-choice striker for this season.

Time to work hard

Cristiano Ronaldo now has no other choice but to work hard in training and earn Erik ten Hag’s trust to get his place back in the starting XI. The season will be very long with a lot of fixtures down the way, so he will eventually receive another opportunity. However, if Antony keeps playing like today, he’ll have a problem.

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